Transforming my kitchen with Lapicida

How BBC One’s ‘Best House in Town’ brought The Meadows and Lapicida together

‘Matchlessness made in heaven’


A few years ago The Meadows won a BBC’s ‘Best House in Town’. The programme was about houses that stood out from the crowd, quirky and had the wow factor. They pitched it as ‘a warm aspirational programme that would show all types of homes off’ and would follow a group of judges looking around each property. The judges would share their thoughts and choosing a winner from each category before deciding an overall ‘Best House in Town’ at the end of the week.

Perfect I thought, it had this place written all over it.  Before we were selected to take part,  the production company were coming to check that the house was suitable! Relaxed and cool on the outside and total mess inside, the BBC were coming to my house!!!!!! I was beyond excited and bloody determined to get chosen. I went out and spent a fortune on new makeup and cleaned the house for days. The house was as ready as it could be, I was as glam as I could be (not easy to achieve).  It all went well.

Then there was the wait, it seemed forever but I finally got the email to say that we had been selected. I was over the moon and yet knew we had our work cut to be national TV worthy-no pressure at all! I am unbelievably competitive so I was determined to win.

IMG_3216 2


Filming was spread over a week and by the end of it, we knew who had won. It was a exciting week to say the least if a little exhausting. My poor children and husband weren’t allowed to make any mess, it was hell for them.

I had never before…

  • Had a film crew in my house
  • Been interviewed in front of camera
  • Taken part in a national TV programme
  • Won a competition on national TV

Yes we won!!! The bloody hard work paid off.  It was a lot of fun as what followed on the day of the broadcast was lots of interviews and press coverage. A lovely piece was written about the programme and me by Sharon Dale, Yorkshire Post Interiors Editor. ‘Matchlessness made in heaven’ a catchy title that summed this house perfectly. The Interiors and Garden supplement it appeared in was sponsored by Harrogate based Lapicida, a leading specialist in wall and floor surfaces, supplying new and antique natural stone alongside ceramics and new-generation porcelains.

An introduction to Lapicida

The showroom of dreams

Lapicida_Harrogate-Showroom_First-day-HR (11)


As a result of the article, I was invited to go and look around Lapicida’s most amazing showroom with a view to possibly with working with them. My eclectic, maximalistic, no rules approach to interiors caught Lapicida’s eye. They were keen to appeal to a different market and not just to their top end clientele. That is where I would come in. Not only does Lapicida offer top end marble and stone, they offer more affordable porcelain versions. This allows people to mix premium marble with the more affordable porcelain, achieving the same effect for a fraction of the cost.


My kitchen

The before

I designed my kitchen with a lovely old local cabinet maker about 17 years ago. I wanted deep set shaker style cabinet doors, oak worktops, red Aga, black and whites tiles and open shelving.  Kooky farmhouse kitchen was the look I was going for. The kitchen served us well over the years and was always well received on Instagram with it’s cosy, colourful, unconventional style. But like anything, as the years went by, it began to look tired. The wood started rotting near the sink and it was looking shabby. Fresh licks of paint kept the kitchen looking ok but it was time for a bigger change.


My inspiration/mood board

Screenshot 2020-09-11 112041

My kitchen makeover

And so the work begun


This makeover was a perfect opportunity to work with Lapicida. Mike the builder removed the kitchen hood, cupboard and worktops and stripped everything back from waist up. This would open up the kitchen making it appear wider and lighter. I was going to use the beautiful San Marino marble for all the work surfaces, up-stands, window sill and splash-back behind the hob. San Marino marble features gorgeous  tones and detailed veining. It is a really versatile product, which is a popular choice for interior surfaces as well as bespoke furniture items such as baths. I couldn’t believe that this beautiful piece of stone in the picture below was going to become my work surface. I was beyond excited. 


San Marino Pandora Maxton 5

San Marino Pandora Maxton 1

San Marino Pandora Maxton 2

San Marino Pandora Maxton 4

The marble had been cut, prepared and treated by craftsmen at the Lapicida workshop –renowned for combining high-tech processes with traditional stonemasonry techniques, and was ready to be installed.

Time for the marble installation.



I was so excited to see how the marble was going to be installed. A local templater and installer was commissioned for the project. He arrived with the marble cut and ready to fit. They worked tirelessly all day to complete the job. The kitchen was unfolding in front of my eyes.

The marble was in place 

IMG_0208 copy


The marble was now in place and it was time to finish the kitchen off. I gave the walls a final coat of paint and then painted the units in the same colour, one emulsion and the other eggshell. I used the beautiful ‘Up Up Away’  from Earthborn Paints.  A lovely warm white that worked beautifully with the gentle tones of the marble. The shelves were made out of my old worktops and we decided on a floating style to keep them looking less fussy. Our builder made our cooker hood to fit around the extractor fan and to sit nicely between the top shelves. I painted this the same colour as the wall.

We kept everything in the kitchen light – the walls, worktops and units. The main objective with the makeover was keeping the kitchen as fresh as possible and opening it up. A good decision.

My kitchen now

IMG_8080The San Marino has the most beautiful veins running through it. Here you can see the marble worktop around the sink, the up-stand and window sill. Also our floating shelves made out of the old worktops. 


The beautiful soft tones of the marble, wall and units works well with my greenery, glasses and pottery.

We are so happy with the kitchen transformation. It is now a beautifully bright space and the marble is so fresh. We have gained so much more work space and the kitchen is so much brighter which was the objective.

Our kitchen finished


This blog was written in collaboration with Lapicida tile and stone specialist.  A really beautiful product as you can see in the photos. I hope you have enjoyed reading, and feel inspired. Please do click on the links above and below for more information.

All the words are my own as are all the photos other than the pictures of the workshop & showroom. I only ever work with brands that I really love. This has been such an amazing project and I hope you have enjoyed reading about my kitchen makeover.

Thank you




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Interiors, Influencer, stylist and blogger. Winner of BBC One Best House in Town.

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